How to Play Second Life – Second Life 101

Need an understanding of how to play Second Life?  Second Life 101 is a YouTube series dedicated to helping new residents learn the ways of Second Life and for seasoned residents to chime in or learn something new!

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Catch the series every Wednesday at 6:30pm SLT.  Check back to this page for any changes in schedule.

Episode 1 – Getting Started with Your Avatar

Episode 2 – Camera Controls & Shapes

Episode 3 – How to Edit Shapes

Episode 4 – Setting Up Your AO & Where to Get Animations

Episode 5 – How to Make Money in SL, How to Spend It, Lindens to RL Money

Episode 6 – Understanding Land, home ownership, subletting/renting

Episode 7 – The Shot Matters – Taking Photos & Video in Second Life 

Episode 8 – I Died in Second Life – SL Gamification & Role Play 

Episode 9 – Starting Second Life on a Low Budget – ft Reyna Carolina

Episode 10 – Second Life Inventory

Episode 11 – Shopping Secrets – Events

Episode 12 – What to Do in Second Life – Valentine’s Day

Episode 13 – Understanding Jobs in Second Life

Episode 14 – Starting a Family – How to Get Pregnant and Baby Options

Episode 15 – BOM – How to Use Bakes on Mesh

Episode 16 – How to Download, Customize and Use Black Dragon

Episode 17 – Let’s Talk About Men – Male Avatar Customization

Episode 18 – How to Start a Second Life YouTube Channel

Episode 19 – Second Life Representation ft Lexy Nexen

Episode 20 – What is Second Life – What to Do, Who is Here

Episode 21 – Baby Hacks – All About Mesh & Avatar Babies

Episode 22 – Second Life Decorating Hacks

Episode 23 – All About Role Play

Episode 24 – How to Film, Edit & Create a Second Life Series

Episode 25 – Friends & Relationships

Episode 26 – How to Start a Business – Avatar Help

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