If you’ve checked out the RP blog I have documenting my marriage with Ezra, you’ll know we’ve been trying to get pregnant in Second Life for some time now.  If you haven’t checked it out, have a peek!  Anyhow, we struggled getting pregnant, it honestly took probably 3 RL weeks actively trying, which seems like forever in SL, but we’d been using the system since we’ve been married and hadn’t managed to get pregnant so there was some genuine excitement when the pregnancy test finally confirmed!

I was the last person who anyone ever thought would start a family in Second Life.  I mean, I said multiple times to different exes I never wanted to have a kids and laughed at the idea of being pregnant.  But when you find someone or just a situation in SL that makes the experience fun… why not?!  I’m really enjoying my marriage, the home we’re building, the activities we get into so adding a pregnancy to it all just works.  Plus, the Vanderbuilt family will finally welcome a child.

Oddly enough, Pandora, Akira and I are now all pregnant.

The Logistics – How to Get Pregnant.

I’m sure there are different systems in SL, but Ezra and I decided to go with Mama-Allpa.

I’ve had some experience with it in the past for role play.  There’s a separate hud for men and women.  On the women’s hud, you have different options – to take birth control and to offer condoms.  Granted, guys can sneak and not actually wear the condoms but you can try!  I’d read up on how everything works, Akira is pregnant right now because she didn’t use the birth control correctly!

Anywho, Ezra and I have been using Mama Allpa for some time.  Neither of us were well versed on the system and after realizing we weren’t pregnant, we read the guide and learned there were settings we could adjust to help but I wanted to keep a bit of realism for RP so we left them alone and just went at it like rabbits, while I was ovulating!

The hud goes through a full cycle, about 28-30 days.  The first 4-7 are your menstruation days, the hud is red during those days so do with that what you will.  When you’re ovulating the hud turns pink and the remaining days, the hud is white.

When your partner is in range, you’ll see the male insignia light up and when you’re at it… and it’s time for him to try to plant his wee babes, you have to click to “open for” your partner then he releases.

So yeah, it became a pretty serious effort to make sure we were both on during my ovulation days and took some coordinating.  My hud is timed so every 4 hours is a full day so we got a little mathematical about it.  And similar to RL, it sorta did something to the mood of it all.  It became very strategic but 2 full cycles passed after we actively started trying and nothing.

Take a Home Test.

I found myself taking a pregnancy test like every day.  I knew a few of them were wasted on days I knew were too soon to tell but I was so eager to know.  I grabbed this pregnancy test.  It comes with a toilet to animate you during the test and it just takes a few seconds to give you a result.  I took mine on day 30 of my cycle so my hud hadn’t yet said I was pregnant.  When you’re pregnant it shows a heart and lets you know how many days/weeks/months you are into your pregnancy. So when I went to take the test I had no idea!

There are so many clinics out there and I did some hopping around and found one I can truly truly recommend.  The owner gives you lots of attention, puts a very strong effort into making sure she’s not revealing too much too soon, gives a lot of information and is fully equipped to make it a very realistic role play experience.

Take Your Time Finding a Clinic.

Before even visiting a clinic, decide how much information you want to know from the jump.  A doctor can run a scan on you and know everything – delivery date, gender and if you want that revealed through your pregnancy, you’ll want to visit someone who will make it a part of your role play.

I’m so happy I came across Simply Babies Maternity Clinic, owned by Spice Milano.  Ezra and I went in for a FREE pregnancy test and consultation, where Spice took the time to give us a tour of the clinic and explained all of their features and packages.  The office is extremely well done and trendy, so perfect for young moms who just appreciate a fashionable, well designed touch.

We started our first meeting with a visit to the lav, where she provided a cup to provide a urine sample.  You actually add it to your avatar, it does its thing and then you give it back.  Ezra and I waited and then the doc confirmed our home test and said we were really pregnant!  We were 2 months pregnant too!

After she shared the news, we were so in love with the care she was already taking and the experience we were having that we immediately wanted to make this our home for our pregnancy.  She gave a tour of the clinic, including the exam room, cafe, spa, Lamaze area, and the suite that you stay in up to 24-hours after you give birth.

All of the packages here start around $1700L and include a weekly exam.  Rates are based on how long your pregnancy is.  You also receive ultrasound photos throughout your pregnancy, invites to Lamaze class, birth certificate, the option of home-birth, water-birth or table-birth, and a stay in the suite!  She also is there to assist with the logistics of being pregnant in SL, including shapes, mesh bellies, tummy talkers, etc.  I think we selected the option that was around $3,000.

So for those who don’t have like $10k to spend on a SL pregnancy or just don’t want to this is truly such a great deal for what you get.  Honestly, family life isn’t my main focus in SL so, while I didn’t have any financial limits, I wanted something that seemed fair and offered the experience that I wanted.

My First Exam.

I had no idea what to expect.  I’ve never even role played going to the doctor in SL so it was all a new experience.  We started off with an actual blood pressure read, she weighed me, took blood and gave lots of information.  A lot of it was role play info – including a meal plan, understanding the vitamins I need, and restrictions.  She also gave some OOC info about being pregnant in SL, including a full guidebook that walks you through all of your options.

I had no idea whatsoever how to even go through a pregnancy in Second Life but Simply Babies Maternity puts just as much effort into helping you understand everything about pregnancy as they do the role play.  That alone is incredible for me but there are extras that really seal the deal.  I’m looking forward to Lamaze and some time in the spa.

Check out Simply Babies Maternity in world!

After the appointment, she also recommended a tummy.  I was really looking for something that came with stats to help the role play.  Something to tell me when I was hungry, having cravings, fatigued, sick, reminding me to take vitamins, etc.  So, I grabbed the Baby Bundles Pregnancy Experience.  It comes with food and different accessories to help you keep your stats up, along with a fetus that grows throughout your pregnancy.  It even emotes to you when your baby is kicking.  You get a separate partner hud, you can pass that allows them to get some insight into your pregnancy and help keep you strong and healthy!

Now, I’ve just gotta get this baby shower planned!  I don’t want to turn the entire blog into a pregnancy blog so check out my pregnancy diary here!

Video taken outside of Simply Babies


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