Adding working out in SL to my list of favorite things.  I came across the SML training hud a few weeks ago and I’m absolutely addicted.  This hud speaks with SML enabled equipment to allow you to work out, gain strength and meet daily goals. It seems simple enough but it actually takes a bit of strategy as different daily workouts can require different levels of strength.  You also have dwindling stamina and increasing fatigue that limits how long you can workout and how many reps you’re capable of.  As you build your strength, you’re able to do more during your workout.

And did I mention, everything is absolutely free.  So, let’s get into it.

Where to Start.

Now, I’m still fairly new to this so I’m no expert.  If you have tips on the entire system, know gyms or trainers, let me know and I’ll add the info here!

Visit a SML Gym

My favorite is the Get Fit Power Gym & Pool.  Once you get there you’ll see plenty of signage about the SML hud and products.  Make your way over to the product counter, where you will find a poster for the SML training hud.  Click and join the group!  Once you’ve joined, click again to receive the hud.

  1. Stamina – As you do a work out this blue circle will decrease until it runs out.  Once it’s out, you’ll have to stop the workout you’re doing and have a rest before you can resume.
  2. State Light – It’ll display as green during your workout and yellow while you’re resting/recovering.
  3. Level – Your current level.  It’ll increase as you continue to train.
  4. Exp – Your experience/health
  5. Gold – The currency for SML products.  You’re able to use sports drinks and protein to assist with your workouts.  They’ll help with your stamina, strength and fatigue.  You can only use gold to purchase these products.  No linden necessary.
  6. Strength – Your current strength.  This will determine which types of workouts you can do and how well you can keep your stamina up while doing them.
  7. Inventory – This is where your products will store – sports drinks, protein, etc.
  8. Fatigue – This is the amount of time you have to work out.  It’ll begin once you start working out on SML equipment at your minimum weight.  It gives you about an hour a day to get through your workout and resets daily at 5pm SLT.

A Few Extras to Pay Attention to

Each day, you’ll see another button on the hud.  It looks a little like a cassette.  When you click, it will display your daily workout.  Each day you’re given 5 exercises to complete and for each one you complete, you’ll get a reward and then another reward for completing the full workout.  I completely missed the rewards my first few days using the hud so be sure to collect!

You’ll also want to be sure you are on SML equipment.  You’ll notice your hud will not do anything if not.  Click the exercise to figure out which piece of equipment you’ll need to use and then click the equipment prior to sitting to see how much strength you need for the animation.  If you don’t have the strength you need for your workout, consider making use of protein or building up your strength first by working out.

Make use of the SML group.  If you have any questions or you’re confused getting started, they’re super helpful.  Some gyms also have trainers that can help you.  If you have questions, feel free to comment here and I’ll try to answer. Please, don’t send any questions to me in world – I’m no pro and may be AFK anyway.

Learn from my Confusion

Today, I went to use the hud. I was relieved that so many easy exercises were in my daily workout but every piece of equipment I sat on just didn’t seem to be speaking to my hud.  Then, someone in the group let me know I need to make sure I’m using the max amount of weights I can handle at my level.  As soon as I selected the next level weight, everything worked fine.  This is a challenge though because leveling up on weights requires more strength.  So, one of the exercises for me today were squats but with the second level weights and I never got enough strength to do it, even using protein.  It’s not always easy!

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

Check out these gyms.

  • Get Fit Power Gym & Pool
  • Ballz Deep World Gym (Adult, sex themed, lots of sexual images, if you’re a sexy chick be prepared to be propositioned… if you’re curve game is strong, you’ll be fine.  If you’re into it…hey, there ya go!)
  • Flexington Heights (they’ve got a lot of daily items so always be sure to stop by and grab those!)

What I’m Wearing.

  • Hair – Foxy | Rival
  • Bra/Top – Muggleborn | Chloes Sports Wear
  • Shorts – Muggleborn | MyMermaid
  • Sneakers – Vale Koer | Dads Trainers
  • Nails – Ascendant | Pretentious Nails

2 Replies to “Get Fit – Working Out in SL & The Hud to Use”

  1. Beatrice McAllister says: May 21, 2019 at 6:33 am

    One of the big parts of the SML system is the “Gym Crawl”… where you visit all of the gyms you can to collect the Daily rewards and pick up magic letter freebies. The practical upshot is that it brings people to sims that they’d otherwise not visit.

    There’s a vendor in the supplements shop in Flexington, that sells a 10 minute 100% EXP buff… but instead of taking gold, it steals 30 minutes of fatigue. So if you don’t have any fatigue recovery buffs from dailies or workout rewards, you can’t work out as long that day. So my routine is now hitting all the SML gyms I know of to find those fatigue resets.

    1. Meela says: June 16, 2019 at 8:46 pm

      Such a good tip! I’ve recently met someone who mentioned I should visit all the gyms to collect dailies, I hadn’t even thought of it before. I’ve found a few cool new gyms I love that way too.

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