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By Sir Leslie Fowden (auth.), Gert Lubec, Gerald A. Rosenthal (eds.)

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The research of amino acids is of primary curiosity to scientists from many different fields. This curiosity derives from their function because the simple elements of proteins as well as their skill to function construction blocks for the construction of many periods of secondary metabolites. they could help the biosynthesis of a myriad of ordinary items together with non-protein amino acids, cyanogenic glycosides, pharmacologically lively alkaloids, convinced phenols, purines and pyrimidines, nucleic acids. condensed tannins, lignins and different metabolites.
The contributions contained during this paintings originate from the 1st overseas Congress in Amino Acid learn. This choice of papers will entice researchers within the fields of biochemistry, vascular and telephone biology, body structure, pharmacology, endocrinology and medical medication.

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43 (9/2H. 0 (5H, m). MS m/z 467 (M+). 1 mmol) in MeOH (20 ml) was ozonized at -78°C. The mixture was treated with NaBH4 (160 mg, 4 mmol) at -78°C - room temperature. It was diluted with Et20, washed with 10% citric acid and brine, dried and evaporated. 0 (5H, m). MS m/z 451 (M+). 1 mmol). The hydrolyzate was chromatographed on silica gel (EtOAc elution) to obtain the acid (110 mg, 87%): IR 3500-3400, 1725, 1675, 1170 cm-I. MS m/z 261 (M+). 2 ml) at O°C for 1 h. The mixture was diluted with water and adsorbed in Dowex 50 W resin.

Exp. Appl. 48: 109-115. g. NH-acidic heterocycles, to give novel heterocycles containing a,a-disubstituted a-amino acids. These reactions proceed via fonnation of an intennediate aziridine, which is rearranged to a bicyclic zwitterion. This zwitterion is the key intennediate in all reactions proceeding via cleavage of the C=N bond of 1. g. acyl-amino isobutyramides. The general character of this reaction has been demonstrated in particular with amino acids and oligopeptides. Together with the selective hydrolysis of the C-tenninal amide group, this reaction sequence ('Azirinel Oxazolone-Method') represents a new and efficient strategy for the synthesis of peptides with a,adisubstituted a-amino acids.

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