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Dieses Buch wendet sich an Endbenutzer und Entwickler von Informationssystemen, Studierende und alle, die eine fundierte, der aktuellen Standardgeneration entsprechende Einführung in den Sprachkern von SQL benötigen. Es deckt den Sprachumfang von middle SQL vollständig ab, in mehreren Punkten geht es sogar über diesen Sprachumfang hinaus.

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No longer a reference booklet, and never an instructional both, the recent moment version of the very hot entry Cookbook is an uncommonly valuable selection of ideas to difficulties that entry clients and builders tend to face as they try and construct more and more advanced purposes. even if utilizing any unmarried "recipe" within the e-book will greater than pay again the price of the e-book by way of either hours kept and frustration thwarted, entry Cookbook , moment version is way greater than a convenient collection of cut-and-paste code.

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As you can see, it prints the first message in Procedure3, and then switches to Procedure4. When Procedure4 is done with its work, execution returns to Procedure3. 2. A sub procedure calling another sub procedure. You learn about calling procedures from the Access user interface in Chapter 10, "Working with Forms," p. 145. Creating and Using Function Procedures The second type of procedure you'll use is the function procedure. Function procedures are almost identical to sub procedures, except that function procedures return a value.

Use it only when you're uncertain of the data's type or when you're accommodating foreign data and you're not sure of the data type's specifications. The Variant data type is VBA's default, so the following code interprets varValue as a Variant: Dim varValue Although the Variant data type is flexible, VBA processes these data types a little slower because it must determine the most accurate data type for the assigned value. However, most likely, you'll never notice the performance hit. The biggest disadvantage is the data type's lack of readability.

When creating static variables, click the All Local Variables as Statics option. For this example, choose Sub and Public and ignore the static variable option. 5. Click OK when you're ready to create the procedure. Don't worry if you don't know which options to choose yet. 5 shows us creating a public sub procedure named OpenClientForm. 5. Set these options to define a new procedure. You'll learn more about scope in "Declaring Procedures as Public or Private," p. 48. 6. A stub identifies the procedure as either a sub or function procedure, contains the procedure's name, and provides the procedure's Part I: Laying the Foundation 31 32 Part I: Laying the Foundation required End statement.

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