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By James Thurber

Thurber is one other a kind of nearly-forgotten geniuses of yank humor established on the New Yorker. worthy reading.


Another selection of Thurberiana, particular in that it includes a peppering of the author's favorites, additionally an advent to his
"serious comedy." one of the 32 tales lurk joyosities similar to "The woman of Orlon," "The Psychosemanticist Will See you presently,
Mr. Thurber," "Get Thee to a Monastery" and "The Moribundant existence, or become older in addition to Whom?"

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I made a couple of hasty mental notes on the thunder game, and went back to Mr. McCullough. He was now describing another, much more involved pastime for mother and child. "Then there was a mother whose baby would cry violently if she attempted to leave him at home while she went out," said Mr. McCullough. "This is a fairly common baby fear. Baby thinks Mother, his closest link to security, will never return. This mother played the game of 'bye-bye' with her baby. She left the room, and when Baby became fearful and was about to cry, she made her reap­ pearance with a big smile.

It won't hurt Mama, ei ther, to face the challenging difficulties of explain­ ing the true nature of the perils tha t beset us. I am glad that I am only a husband, father, and grandfather, whose job it is to win the bread. At least I escape the far harder task of demonstrating that Santa Claus does not exist even though you can see him, and that the wolf at the door is real even though you can't see him. 33 Two 0 'Clock at the Metropole JUST A FEW MINUTES BEFORE TWO O 'CLOCK ON THE HOT, STICKY morning of Tuesday, July 1 6th, 1 9 1 2, a man sauntered up to a table in the cafe of the old Hotel Metropole on Forty­ third Street near Broadway and spoke to another man who sat there.

In my observa tion, the female of any species is not, in Simone de Beauvoir's pallid phrase, the Second Sex, bu t the First Sex, of which the Second is luckily born. " What we really mean is Woman in the sense and stature, the sign and symbol, in which she is represented everywhere you look in Paris, from the celebra ted statue of the fighting French woman called "Quand Meme," in the Tuileries, or the monumental figure on one side of the Arch of Triumph. Or take the sta tues in the Place de Ia Concorde representing eight great provincial cities of France, all of which are depicted as women.

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