Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 9 by J.E. Treherne PDF

By J.E. Treherne

ISBN-10: 0120242095

ISBN-13: 9780120242092

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44 M. J. BERRIDGE A N D W. T. PRINCE Epstein, S. , Levey, G. S . and Skelton, C. L. (1 97 1). Adenyl cyclase and cyclic AMP: biochemical links in the regulation of myocardial contractility. Circulation 43,437-450. Finder, A. , Boyme, T. and Schoemaker, W. C. (1 964). Relationship of hepatic potassium efflux to phosphorylase activation induced by glucagon. A m . J. Physiol. 206, 738-742. , Donald, R. A. and Butcher, R. W. (1969). Involvement of adenosine 3’,5’-monophosphate in release of ACTH.

1968). Further complications may arise through the existence of feedback loops operating between cyclic AMP and calcium which closely resemble those described earlier for salivary glands (Section IV B). , 1969). D. , 1967) and amylase from the pancreas (Kulka and Sternlicht, 1968; Hokin, 1966). The way in which the various releasing factors influence the concentration of cyclic AMP and calcium and the subsequent action of these two agents in the secretory process is not clear. The control of secretion in salivary glands and the pancreas is particularly interesting since these systems are also capable of secreting large volumes of fluid.

Rev. Physiol. 3 3 , 3 11-336. Haylett, D. G. and Jenkinson, D. H. (1969). Effects of noradrenaline on the membrane potential and ionic permeability of parenchymal cells in the liver of the guinea-pig. Nature, Lond. 224, 80-81. Hays, R. , Singer, B, and Malamed, S. (1965). The effect of calcium withdrawal on the structure and function of the toad bladder. J. Cell Biol. 25, Suppl. 1, 195-208. Henion, W. , Sutherland, E. W. and Posternak, T. (1967). Effects of derivatives of adenosine 3‘,5’-phosphate on liver slices and intact animals.

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Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 9 by J.E. Treherne

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