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By Frank J. (Editor) Dixon

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In addition, serial dilutions of the neoplastic T cells and a normal T cell population should be performed in parallel. Helper activity that is comparable to that provided by the normal T cells should be demonstrable with the neoplastic T cells cultured at low neoplastic T-cell to normal B-cell ratios before the neoplastic T cells can be confidently classed as helper T cells. This may unavoidably require that certain neoplastic populations with weak helper activity be classified as lacking helper activity.

In these cases when both PWM and NWSM were added to the system simultaneously, suppression was observed. Since PWM has the propensity to activate prosuppressor cells whereas NWSM does not, we view the patients with this pattern of suppression in coculture as having increased numbers of circulating prosuppressor cells that require PWM for their activation to become suppressor effectors. We have also identified a group of patients where suppression in coculture was observed when any polyclonal activator of B cells was utilized including PWM, NWSM, SLO, and SPL.

In addition, all the patients we have studied whose unseparated cells profoundly suppressed normal mononuclear cell immunoglobulin synthesis suppressed at patient T-cell to normal B-cell ratios of 1:1 when separated populations were analyzed. This experience has been confirmed by 44 THOMAS A. WALDMANN AND SAMUEL BRODER others and a high T-cell to effective B-cell ratio does not appear to be an adequate explanation for the profoundly increased suppressor cell activity observed in a subset of patients with common variable immunodeficiency.

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