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By David Rosenberg

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The world’s 3 biggest faiths all discover a universal root in a single guy: Abraham. Breaking new floor, David Rosenberg portrays Abraham as a guy whose entire existence, and consequently his legacy, is knowledgeable by way of the Sumerian tradition that produced him. Abraham is an excellent literary excavation of the traditional cultures from which our glossy international has grown.

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Heaven forbid you bring this thing to light, to erase the innocent with the contemptuous—as if sincerity and contempt were the same thing. ” “Listen please,” said Abraham, pressing further, “I have imagined I may speak to Yahweh—I, mere dust and ashes. ” Yet he found more to say. ” “Please, do not lose patience my lord,” he continued, “if I speak further. ” “Listen please,” said Abraham, pressing further. “I have imagined I may speak to Yahweh—I, made of mere dust and ashes. ” “Please, do not lose patience my lord,” he continued, “if I speak further—for the last time.

Abimelech took sheep and oxen male and female servants gave them to Abraham and restored Sarah to him. ” Abraham pleaded his cause to God and Abimelech was restored along with his wife and his female servants: children could now be born. For God had closed the womb of everyone attached to Abimelech as in a protective dream— for Sarah, wife of Abraham. —— Now Yahweh conceived for Sarah what he had said. Sarah became pregnant and, the time ripe, gave birth: a son appearing from Sarah, for Abraham in his ripe old age.

From there Yahweh scattered them over the whole face of the earth; the city there came unbound. That is why they named the place Bavel: their tongues were baffled there by Yahweh. Scattered by Yahweh from there, they arrived at the ends of the earth. —— These are the records of Shem . . Reu lived after his father Serug seven and two hundred years, and he fathered sons and daughters. Serug lived thirty years and he fathered Nahor. And Serug lived after his fathering Nahor two hundred years, and he fathered sons and daughters.

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