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By James Reapsome

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This learn of Abraham's existence provides readers an in-depth glimpse into the lifetime of Abraham, and indicates them what real religion appears like for modern day Christians.

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What differences do you see? 8. How did Abram’s prosperity turn into a test of his faith (verses 5-9)? Why is it often hard to love and obey God when things are going well for us? 9. How do you account for Abram’s generosity to Lot (verses 8-11)? Why didn’t he take the better land he was entitled to? 10. What risks were involved in Lot’s choice? In what ways does our culture affect the exercise of our worship, faith, and obedience? 11. What new promise did God give Abram (verses 14-17)? Why? (Compare with Genesis 12:1-3).

God credited Abram’s faith as “righteousness” (verse 6). Considering some of Abram’s great accomplishments thus far, why do you think they did not count as righteousness? 10. Discuss ways people today think they can achieve righteousness before God. What is the only way to such righteousness (see Romans 3:22)? Read Genesis 7-21. 11. What further concern did Abram reveal in verse 8? Why? 12. In what dramatic way did God help him to believe in this case (verse 17-19)? Why do you suppose God told Abram about the four hundred years of bondage in Egypt (verse 13)?

6. What crucial point did Abraham’s faith and subsequent circumcision prove (verses 9-11)? For the circumcised (Jews), what was the critical issue here (verse 12)? 7. How does law-keeping cancel salvation by faith (verses 13-15)? 8. On what basis is God’s promise received (verse 16)? Why? 9. Who qualifies to be Abraham’s offspring (verses 16-17)? Why is that important for non-Jews? Read Romans 4:18-25. 10. What facts about Abraham did Paul add to the Genesis story (verses 20-21)? 11. Paul took dead aim on Jewish legalism and salvation by works.

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