Abraham, Blessing and the Nations: A Philological and - download pdf or read online

By Keith N. Grüneberg

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This monograph investigates Genesis 12:3 in its context within the ultimate kind of Genesis. the writer argues that the verse is, first, a promise of safety and greatness to Abraham and Israel. even though, its place following Genesis 1-11 additionally shows a divine plan to increase blessing to all of the peoples of the earth. helping this realizing of the verse, the writer examines the shut parallels that Genesis and Numbers 24:9 need to Genesis 12:3. He additionally offers an in depth attention of the concept that of blessing within the previous testomony and of the niphal and hithpael stems of the verb barak. Ph.D. dissertation less than the supervision of Dr R. W. L. Moberly, Durham, united kingdom.

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Numbers 24:9b obviously echoes Gen 12:3a and 27:29b. 87 As we have seen, the principle of 22:6 is correct since Balaam's words do have this power; Balaam's obedience and the steps taken by Yhwh to ensure it, including eventually the enunciation of 24:9 with its statement that a curse on Israel (we might add, whether or not it would have any effect) would rebound on the curser, show that Yhwh will maintain his prior commitments. Of course presence of an allusion at 22:6 is debatable: though it is a balanced statement about blessing and curse, its content is somewhat different.

7 Finally one can ask whether there is a reason for Gen 12:3 to employ the niphal rather than the pual or hithpael. Is the niphal used because neither pual nor hithpael would quite capture the nuance intended? 3 below. However perhaps grammatical analysis of the niphal may contribute more to the debate than is usually accepted. 10 Boyd, using modern linguistic methods, analyses in particular those niphals which have been claimed to be reflexive; he also considers in detail the relationship between the niphal and the hithpael.

58 54 55 56 57 58 Cf. Gray 1903, 341-42; Rouillard 1985, 151ff; Greene 1992,25-26. von Rad 1962,288. Cf. Ashley 1993,451. Ashley 1993,479. Cf. also Moberly 1998a, 22. Ashley 1993, 479; Olson 1996,140. Numbers 24:9b 27 Nor does Yhwh work in spite of Balaam. 59 (Taking a fee for the rendering of such a service is not intrinsically problematic, either; cf. g. ISam 9:8; IKi 14:3; 2Ki 5:5-6; διδ^ 60 ). The language of compulsion (23:8) need not imply a strong desire to do otherwise (cf. ). Other references to Balaam in the Old Testament and beyond may imply different versions of the story, with Balaam an enemy of Israel (cf.

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