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Miller, 1975: 12-63) or “divine council” (E. T. Mullen, 1980; Handy, 1994). Although the study of Ugaritic lesser deities itself has been pursued by Ugaritologists (H. L. Ginsberg, 1944; M. J. Dahood, 1958; R. M. Good, 1978; Wyatt, 1987b, et al), it has not been fully considered yet in its various dimensions. , VIII-XV; 1-32). In t r o d u c t i o n 5 analysis is needed to approach the Ugaritic materials in order to deci­ pher the exact meaning from the reserved tablets. Alom ia also has made a comparative study of the lesser deities be­ tween ancient N ear Eastern literatures and the H ebrew Bible via a lit­ erary search for descriptions and an iconographical exploration10.

Q£; Allan, 1999; followed by Wyatt, 2002: 338 and 336 n. 16-7). 12 i 14-5). Wyatt (2002: 336) suggests that Yarih may be the Hurrian deity Kusuh, if the text reflects the Hurrian pantheon (Ginsberg, 1939). 43 See Enuma Elish v. , where the stars are signified as images of the gods. Cf. Dijkstra-de Moor (1975: 210). 10 i 445); The phr kkhm occurs here in a parallelism with the dr dt smm, “circle of heavens” at line 5 to indicate the collectivity of the celestial beings. 19 iv 22-5 (|| 29-31): w yqi{y] dbh ilm ys Hy dgthm b smym dgt hrnmy b kbkbm And he (sc.

83 Virolleaud (1942-3: 143): “dans sa trinité”. This is denied by Gray (1964a: 58) since “more gods than three are indicated”. 24 L e s s e r D e it ie s that the deities in the list above are three pairs; collectively, “in its tri­ partite division”; thus they represent the structure of the Ugaritic pan­ theon: Baal and Prince M oon as gods of heaven (supernal deities), Prince Reshef as a god of the netherworld (subterranean deity), and Kothar-and-Hasis as a god associated with the sea (marine deity)83.

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