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Implicit operations may be composed in the natural way and may be multiplied pointwisely to obtain again implicit operations. The above correspondence from members of On j/ to n-ary implicit operations on j/ is in fact a semigroup isomorphism. The operation point of view turns out to be quite useful. If we fix a set 0' of implicit operations on S containing the binary operation of multiplication, then every element of 0' has a natural interpretation as an operation on every profinite semigroup.

S. semigroup. O-s. semi groups with divisors of zero, the following two notable five-element semigroups A2 and B2 should be mentioned. 15). 5 Simple Semigroups 21 (4) Sis [O-]simple, possesses a [0-] minimal left or right ideal and contains a [non-zero] idempotent. [O-]s. [O-]s. semigroup is regular, [O-]bisimple and is the union of both its [O-]minimal left ideals and its [O-]minimal right ideals; all non-zero idempotents of such a semigroup are primitive. O-s. 3). s. 2); (6) S is regular and, if S is not a singleton, all its idempotents are primitive.

As a consequence, the powerful concepts associated with varieties of algebras have, until recently, been applied only to the above mentioned subvarieties. A new and fruitful way of studying classes of regular semigroups was independently introduced by Hall (1989) and by Kadourek and Szendrei (1990) that partially utilizes the universal algebraic results of Birkhoff. A class of regular semigroups forms an e-variety of regular semigroups if it is closed under taking direct products, homomorphic images and regular subsemigroups.

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