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Son, child, f. daughter q^Hpe q^HM m. f. cow^/n q^ipe small, little 2pq^ip e m. youth, young servant (z^^) q>a>pn,q>pn-,q^opn^ be early q ) p n - plus verb first, before, already q^cjDpn m. morning q^opn [q^xpn ] , q^pn-, f. q ^ o p n e m. earliest, first Rq^cop n, Rq^opn early, first of all, before JCiNRq^opn from the beginning pq^opn precede, hurry p q ^ o p n R- plus y&rbfirst,pre-, pro-, fore-, already q ^ o p q ^ p [ q ^ x p q ^ p ] , q^pqpcop^, q^pq^copt upset, overturn; m. destruction q^ec q^c - v.

N c u ^ [NHB, N A n , N e n N H H s e , NHBe NOBe [NABI] pNOBe m. sin m. gold, NOYB, N o y q sin peqpNOBe NOYBT,NOBT^ m. sinner WCOVC t plait, braid adulterer pNoeiK commit adultery N A A K e f. labor pains, agony fNAAKe be in labor NKA [RKe] m. thing, property, belongings N O K N e K ( e ^ o Y N e - ) have affection N K O T K , R K O T e [ N K O T , R K A T K e ] slccp, Uc down; m. sleep NIM who? NIM every, all R K A N i M , 2 a ) B NIM everything NHBTe NoeiK m. Nee oyoN NIM everyone truly v. M e NAMe NMMA^ [NMMe^Jv.

Fruit oycoT2, cuT2, OT2 ^ oyoeia^ [oyxeicy] pour, melt m, occasion, time o y c D O ^ , oya>C9e, o y e c y oyxcy^, oyocy^ desire, wish, want; m. desire, love, will o y c j D c y m . gap, pause FToyecy [oyq^] R - without night by night o y c D C D c y e consume oyci^H f. RTeyc^H oycua^F, o y e c ^ B - , oyocyB** oycucpR, oyou^M^, oyoc^Rt oyq^xn [oycyen] mJoan answer, reply, respond knead; m . dough 39 f enoY<93cn lend oYe worn down, crushed, perish, break; m.

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