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By Dale Jacquette

This number of newly comissioned essays via overseas individuals bargains a consultant evaluation of an important advancements in modern philosophical logic.

  • Presents controversies in philosophical implications and purposes of formal symbolic logic.
  • Surveys significant developments and gives unique insights.

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In contemporary philosophical logic, logical paradoxes and their resolution – their diagnosis and prevention – are treated if and when they arise. Their treatment does not constitute a separate branch of logic. In (late) medieval logic, however, a novel genre was added to the standard logical repertoire and tracts devoted solely to the treatment of Insolubilia begin to appear. Not all of medieval logic is confined to logic texts, though. The role that philosophy served in medieval academic life was primarily that of an ancilla theologicae (‘a servant of theology’).

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was the great exception to the logic bashing of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He saw the general outline of what logic would much later become, but left only fragments of a ‘universal characteristic’ through which it would become possible, he thought, to settle philosophical disputes through calculation. 9). Traditionally, an exposition of logic followed the sequence: theory of terms or concepts, their combination into judgments, and the composition of syllogisms from judgments.

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