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By Hanne von Weissenberg

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This ebook specializes in the 3rd portion of the most very important files from the Qumran library, the epilogue of 4QMMT. It re-evaluates the textual foundation for this part, and analyses how the epilogue features as part of the bigger rfile. as well as addressing the constitution and style of 4QMMT, this quantity analyzes using Scripture within the epilogue that allows you to light up the theological time table of the document's author/redactor. even if this book's fundamental concentration is at the epilogue, the result of this research make clear 4QMMT as an entire.

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In line 1, fragment 1 contains or preserves in its present state only one of the words that Qimron and Strugnell read (h#wn[h] hrwh+h). ” I was not able to find the word on any fragment; fragment 1 is broken right after the letters hrwh+h. For some reason the editors do not read the second line of fragment 1 that preserves the letter x. 35 Qimron, “The Nature of the Reconstructed Composite Text,” 11-12. 36 DJD X, 46. 42 CHAPTER TWO (DJD X B48, 50, 50) and fragment 7 exhibits the word ]qh trh+l, which can be compared with the similar expressions trh+l #dwq]h (4Q398 fragments 2-3) and #dqmh trh+l DJD X B54 (4Q396, partly preserved in 4Q394).

The letters are smaller and equal in size in fragments 1-9, the average height being 3 mm. In the other fragments the average height is about 4 mm, varying between 3 and 5 mm. 37 Some letters are also drawn differently, for instance, in fragments 1-9, lamed is always written on the line, in fragments 11-17 on the imaginary top line; also, the hook of the lamed is ‘tighter’ in frgs. 19; in frgs. 1-9 the strokes of alef are straight, whereas in frgs. 11-17 the left leg of the alef is curving. Thus – in spite of the small size of fragments 4Q398 1-9 and the amount of extant writing on them leaving us with very little material for comparison – there are several indications, both material and in the penmanship, suggesting that fragments 4Q398 1-9 originate from a manuscript other than 4Q398 11-17.

Similarly, our reading and interpretation of the text influence our decision about its genre and historical setting. When none of these are known with certainty, the project devolves into an exercise in Diophantine analysis. The fact is that our reconstructions of the history of the Qumran community together with the assumptions we make concerning their theological and ideological development, 95 Grossman, “Reading 4QMMT: Genre and History,” 5; 8-16; 19-22. 96 See also Brin, in a Review of DJD X, JSS 40/2 (1995): 335.

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