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With the carbon atom in the middle of an imaginary tetrahedron, each group will be at one of the corners of the tetrahedron. b. Asymmetric carbon atoms can have enantiomers, which are mirror images of each other. Enantiomers are one form of isomer. Topic Test 4: Carbon True/False 1. Structural formulas give more detail about a molecule than do chemical formulas. 2. The fact that carbon atoms form four covalent bonds contributes to the diversity of chemicals so necessary for life. 3. Geometric isomers are a form of stereoisomer.

Its capillary action is used by plants to aid in the movements of dissolved substances. Water has special properties as a solvent, as other polar or charged molecules usually dissolve readily (are soluble) in it, while nonpolar, uncharged substances such as oils remain insoluble in water (consider vinegar-and-oil salad dressing, and how the vinegar, or water, phase remains separate from the oil phase). The water-insoluble molecules are referred to as hydrophobic ("water avoiding") as opposed to hydrophilic ("water loving") polar molecules that dissolve easily in water.

2. The two different ring forms of glucose, alpha and beta, play quite similar roles in living orgamsms. 3. Hydrolysis is the breaking down of molecules involving the addition of a split water molecule to the two parts. Multiple Choice 4. Which of the following functional groups is found in glucose? a. Hydroxyl b. Carboxyl 32 Chapter 3 Molecules and Macromolecules of Life c. Amino d. Methyl e. Phosphate 5. In what way(s) are glycogen and cellulose the same? a. They both are made from the alpha form of glucose.

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