Download PDF by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson: 1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off

By John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

ISBN-10: 0571297919

ISBN-13: 9780571297917

"QI" is the neatest comedy convey on British tv, yet few humans understand that we're additionally an immense felony hit in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Africa and an unlawful one on BitTorrent. We additionally write books and newspaper columns; run a thriving site, a fb web page, a Twitter feed; and convey an iPhone App and a sister Radio four programme. on the middle of what we do is the miraculous truth - painstakingly researched and distilled to an excellent and stunning readability. In Einstein's phrases: 'Everything may be so simple as attainable, yet no longer simpler.' were you aware that: cows moo in neighborhood accents; the total web weighs under a grain of sand; the dialling code from Britain to Russia is 007; potatoes have extra chromosomes than people; the London Underground has made more cash from its recognized map than it has from working trains; Tintin is termed Tantan in jap simply because TinTin is suggested 'Chin chin' and capacity penis; the water within the mouth of a blue whale weighs greater than its physique; Scotland has two times as many pandas as Conservative MPs; Saddam's bunker was once designed through the grandson of the lady who outfitted Hitler's bunker; lower than the natural world and geographical region Act of 1981, it truly is explicitly unlawful in Britain to exploit a machinegun to kill a hedgehog. "1,227 QI proof To Blow Your Socks Off" will make you examine the universe (and your socks) in an alarming new manner.

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