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By William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament Emeritus Walter Brueggemann

ISBN-10: 1573120650

ISBN-13: 9781573120654

The previous testomony offers notably robust methods of considering and seeing. Brueggemann considers the artistry of one & 2 Kings because it mediates among background and religion. He has spent a long time engaged with the artistry and mind's eye of the outdated testomony, considering the methods of strength in church and society and he makes transparent that these problems with energy within the historic texts nonetheless pertain to modern instances. entire with searchable CD-ROM

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While such a theatrical performance of course can be manipulated and cynical, at its best the visible drama of the act and its theological significance cannot be separated from each other. The verb “anoint” is in Hebrew mashah. ” Characteristically the Old Testament has no special, privileged theological vocabulary, but uses ordinary words that take on special meanings. ), “the one anointed,” that is, designated and empowered. When the proper vowels for the noun are supplied, the term is “messiah,” the one anointed.

All that remains to be done is royal drama. ” Zadok and Benaiah, leaders of the high court party, are to do the deed. David knows the power and cruciality of royal theater. ” The new king is to arrive at the river Gihon, perhaps the same source of water for Jerusalem where life-anddeath political decisions are enacted. There the “churchy types,” the 1 Kings 1 17 ones in Yahwistic roles—priest and prophet—are to administer the sacramental oil of anointing, even as David had long ago received Yahweh’s designation by oil (1 Sam 16:13).

No More Limping on Two Opinions, 18:20-40 C. The Triumph of Rain, 18:41-46 XVIII. Letdown and Revival, 1 Kings 19:1-21 A. A Wanted Man, 19:1-3 B. Despair and a Ministering Angel, 19:4-10 C. New Confrontation, New Commission, 19:11-18 D. Elisha Recruited, 19:19-21 VII. The Temple Dedicated and Made Operational, 1 Kings 8:1-66 A. The Inaugural Procession and Anthem, 8:1-14 B. Interpretive Commentary on Temple Significance, 8:15-26 C. A Second, Different Wave of Significance, 8:27-53 D. A Concluding Blessing, 8:54-66 XIX.

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1 & 2 Kings: A Commentary (Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary) by William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament Emeritus Walter Brueggemann

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