I’ve known about bodyguard bots for sometime now because, as anyone who knows me well can tell you, I’m obsessed with bots.  They truly have so many functions that you can use them in tons of ways to make things more fun or just more efficient.  One day I’ll break down all the ways I use bots but let’s dive into bodyguard bots for now.

What the Hell is a Bodyguard bot?

It’s exactly what you’re thinking it is – it is a scripted agent (aka bot) that follows you around and follows various commands you give.  I’ve only seen one company that makes them and with this brand you have one female option and 2 male options.  In the past, I used the female bot because she had a total Tomb Raider vibe about her but this time I opted for a male named Jean.

The males are in a full suit with sunglasses.  They’re meant to have a weapon but I noticed, for whatever reason, the weapon on the male I have does not work.

What can they do?

Upon paying your bot, you will need to accept the bot’s auto-friend request and give him/her map rights so they can locate you on a map.  This allows them to teleport right to you when you’re sim hopping without needing to send teleports.  They will walk behind you unless you have instructed them to wait, either via the hud or simply by IMing them.  The most fun I’ve had so far – they can speak for you.  Giving them something to say is as simple as IMing them and they will say absolutely anything you want in local chat.  And, if someone else tries to chat your bot up, the bot will just respond with a – “you’re not my master.”

  • Auto teleports to you
  • Follows you around
  • Will wait where you tell it to
  • Will speak in local for you

So, creepy?  Pointless?  Yeah, probably but I mean, so is half of everything we do in SL.  I personally love them but again, I’m pro-bot.  I’m a fan of having alone time in SL (sometimes) and having an avi following me around gives me the peace I need but also simulated presence, if you know what I mean.  It’s also been helpful when I fall asleep.  I always fall asleep on SL and I’m always leaving my avi when I know I’ll be afk for hours.  I like staying at hotels a lot and most have security but I have fallen asleep in the lobby.  Everyone isn’t completely familiar with bots but people are less likely to welcome themselves to my seat and put me in whatever pose when they think someone else is there with me.

I’m not saying that’s a result of a bunch of statistical research but I’ve noticed I haven’t woken up in weird positions.  I’ve also left him at the door at Essencia and realize I have fewer notifications from the security about intruders.

And honestly, the local chat feature is my favorite.  Sure, we’ve all told some persistent noob dude in the club to back off but its so fun to see the bot say that in local.  And hell, if shit hits the fan and starts to get too dramatic, I can tell his ass to wait there and move along about my business, no one being the wiser as to who he belongs to.

So, creepy?  Pointless?  Yeah, probably but I mean, so is half of everything we do in SL..

What are the cons?

  • For me, the fact that the weapon is an option on the hud and offered but doesn’t work on the males, or my male specifically was disappointing.
  • They don’t have the option to accept group invites (other bots have this feature but you usually own the bot so I’m sure there’s some techy reason as to why they cannot).
  • They cannot surpass landing zones, because of aforementioned con.  I’ve actually had to get super crafty with this because I love exclusivity and some of my venues are group-only access.  I haven’t been able to bring him into The Monarchy and to get him to my home on that sim I have to first go to the Estates and force him across the border (like really force… keep walking back and forth until he makes it over the crossing) then walk to my house.
  • They’re not pretty to look at.  I wish mates were an add-on you could add to bots you already own.  We all know I love making a new avi! I’d die for a bodyguard bot who’s look I created.
  • I wish there was more diversity with the female bot. The males have 2 looks, so should the ladies!

Otherwise, I’m a fan.  Functionality aside, I kinda like the whole bodyguard look.  For a recent RL work trip I had to have a security guard with me and I was flipping my hair that whole damn trip so it’s honestly just a bit of fun.  And apparently others think so too because the last few times I’ve stopped in there have only been a couple left.

They’re available on the Smartbots sim, at the Smartmates store.  They have all different types of mates, bodyguards are a specific type so stop by and check them out.  You simply buy a pass for as long as you want it and then give it to your bodyguard.  You can also fire your bodyguard at any time.

  • 3 days – 49L
  • 9 days – $147L
  • 21 days – $343L

Super cheap, no wonder they’re flying off the shelves.

Do you have a bodyguard?
Would you use one?
Think they’re weird?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

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