It’s always nice to get away from your typical routine and have a new experience.  Hence why I am such a fan of themed dinner nights.  We’ve had a couple now at faith & Flower.  Latin Food Night and Asian Food Night are definitely my favorites.We had way too much sushi… is that possible though?  Lots of noodles, rice and the favorite for the night was definitely the shrimp skewers.  Topped it all off with lots of sake.  I even spent some time rolling sushi. Be sure to join the Royal Getaways or Faith & Flower group for invites to events like these if you’re interested!

Here are a few snaps of the night.

Here’s what I wore

Of course, I went to Yujin for a few great places to find an outfit to fit the night!

  • Headpiece – CerberusXing – War Fan
  • Dress – CerberusXing – Sultry Kunoichi

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