I’ve posted about it a ton so it’s no surprise that I’m a major fan of the Drivers of SL Grid Drives.  They come out a couple times a month and there are opportunities to ride out with the full group or you can grab the hud and go on your own time.
This week joins the list of my favorite drives thus far.  It actually started on a sim I’m pretty familiar with.  I tend to drive around there quite often because I’m a huge fan of this Mystery Shack destination.  It’s weird and creepy and I love it.  Plus there’s a souvenir shop.  Click here to Visit.

The Rainforest.

I’ve been here a ton of times and there are so many areas I’ve never explored.  There’s plenty to do so this really would make a great outing for friends, families… someone special.  The kayaking is awesome, plenty of places to hanglide, obviously the caves are fun to explore and lots of opportunities to sail, fly or horse ride.

Check out the video!

Grab the Drive.

I’ve posted this week’s drive hud in the Meela Vanderbuilt and Royal Getaways group in world if you want to check it out yourself!  I took a few breaks, but I think start to finish it took me about an hour and a half.

I’d love to see your photos or just know if you took the drive and enjoyed! Find me in world or on Facebook or Instagram!

A road trip will do the body good.

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